Blush and white rose flower wedding bouquet
Couple walking together during a wedding engagement shoot outside with the groom leading the bride.
Detail shot of wedding invitation, engagement rings, and bridal shoes
Couple engagement photo looking in love in a room at The Lodge at St. Edward Park

My philosophy is simple: life is breathtaking yet fleeting, love is fundamental, and photography is the closest thing we have to a time machine.  

As a photographer, my primary duty is to be present. To feel what you feel, to notice the meaningful minutiae, and to capture your unique experience in a way that can instantly put you in direct contact with those feelings, forever.

My style stems from roots in nonfiction filmmaking and street photography. Formally trained with a BA in Film and Photography, my career has wound through such roles as director of photography in both nonfiction and commercial projects, documentary television editor, and even the founder of a boutique analog print studio with my wife. 

I was captivated early on by documentary imagery and its power to not only elicit authentic emotions but also its unique ability to transport people to the past.

Today, not only does my fascination with the art form itself continue to grow, but my photographic practice has evolved to become a priceless personal experience: repeated opportunities to deeply immerse myself in the present. 

And let’s be honest- in this chaotic era, being more present is something we could all benefit from.

The Process


Fill out the form

Once you’re ready to connect, complete the form, and I will be getting back to you as soon as possible.


Meet up

To get to know each other and to ensure we're on the same page regarding your day, we'll meet up and chat. Based on your vision for your photographs, I'll prepare and send you a customized package proposal.


Picture time

The big day! I'll be there, camera in hand, capturing all your beautiful moments.


Delivering photos

In 4-6 weeks, you will receive your edited digital photographs, along with links to order prints and albums directly.

This is the real secret of life —

to be completely engaged
with what you are doing
in the here and now. 

And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.

-Alan Watts

Bride in the pacific northwest holding a wedding bouquet at her side in one hand and wedding dress train in the other


Engagement shoots start at $500.
Wedding photography packages start at $5,500.

Reach out and we'll find the best package for your day.


Engagement shoots start at $500.
Wedding photography packages start at $5,500.

Reach out and we'll find the best package for your day.

Ready to book?

Send me a message!

Ready to book?

Send me a message!