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Every day is art.

As characters immersed in our own life stories, it can be hard to recognize just how beautiful even the most regular, uneventful days are until after they've passed. 

The reality is that the ever-changing experiences, nuanced emotions, and tender exchanges that happen constantly throughout our daily lives are the things we treasure the most. It's the quick glances, belly laughs, and tears; not just the posed photos and selfies. 

My role is to capture these moments, authentically and artfully, for the generations to come.


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What to expect
Family Documentary
is an approach to capturing the experience of one's everyday life; laughter and tears alike.

How does it work?

It's exceedingly simple- just do your thing.

You'd be surprised how readily both children and adults are willing to disregard a camera, especially when absorbed in some sort of activity.

The foundation of the family documentary style is the movement of daily life- whether that's jumping in puddles, doing the laundry, or playing at the beach- and employing traditional documentary photography techniques to capture beautifully pure connections and emotions as they unfold.

With 8+ years of photographing kids & families (and being father of two under 10), I'm well accustomed to the flows of family life. Before you know it, you'll forget I'm even there.


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